Scrivener for iOS has arrived

It was a long, grueling haul for Literature & Latte founder and programmer Keith Blunt, but for those of us drooling over the thought of Scrivener for iOS the wait has been worth it. In spades.

This will not be a review of the iOS Scrivener. The app is so feature rich that it would take way too long. Also, Keith has done such a great job highlighting the app’s functionality on the L&L blog that a review would just be redundant.

No, this is merely an acknowledgment of the wonderful work done by Keith and his crew. I’m still working my way through the tutorial and testing out features, but I feel confident saying Scrivener is the most well-thought-out and executed software making the leap from OSx to iOS that I’ve ever used. (Ulysses is up there too.)


Not every feature of the Mac app has made the leap. For now, at least, the binder also serves as the outliner. Good enough for an overview of structure, but without the extensive display of meta-data the Mac app’s outline view supplies. But for version 1.0 this is a remarkably mature app, and is a testament to Keith’s pursuit of excellence with Scrivener.

Make no mistake. Scrivener for iOS is a powerhouse writing environment independent of its OSx sibling. Congratulations to Keith and the rest of the Literature & Latte team.

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