Tinderbox Screencast Part 3 – Maps and Adornments

I’ve completed a third screencast in my Introduction to Tinderbox 6 series. In this one I explore Map View a little more and introduce the concept of adornments by building a simple Day Planner app.

Introduction to Tinderbox – part 3 from Stephen Zeoli on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Tinderbox Screencast Part 3 – Maps and Adornments

  1. I’m really enjoying this video series and have learned a lot from it already. Do you know of any books or other sources you recommend to learn how to use Tinderbox better? I’ve found some of the Eastgate resources too specific to disciplines and your bottom-up approach works well.

    1. Thank you for the nice comments. The only book I know of is Mark Bernstein’s Tinderbox Way, which it sounds as if you’ve tried. Tinderbox is in great need of a book. I’m planning to continue to produce these videos, so I hope they will be helpful.

  2. This is a great and very helpful project. Thanks again, Steve. (Mark Bernstein’s Tinderbox Way, as I recall from four or five years ago, is a good, interesting read, but more of a 10,000-feet view – Mark Anderson’s website is extremely helpful, but more like an encyclopaedia for dipping into – you need to know very roughly what you’re looking for, before you start – a “basics-plus” book is, as you say, needed – or, as an alternative, more of your videos!)

  3. Steve – Thanks so much for this video series. I had been planning to write a book on using TB for people who were not geeky enough to penetrate the mystery of the forums and the documentation. My view was that TB was (except for its programming language) much simpler than it appeared to be. And that the language was learnable.

    You have come up with something far better than what I had imagined. My book may still appear but it will be a lot better as a result of your wonderful screencasts.

    Thanks and kudos,


    1. Hi, Stephen. I appreciate the nice comments and I hope you do write that book — I’d be the first one to want to read it!

  4. Hi Steve,

    Great videos. However, I still have some basic questions. How do you think Tinderbox may work as a personal knowledge manager? I’ve been following Manfred’s blog (Taking Note Now) and he’s a great supporter of ConnectedText as you seem to be of Tinderbox. How do you think the both compare regarding note taking (instead of planning – tasks, projects, etc.)?



    1. Thank you, John, for the comment and for looking at my videos. Funny you should ask about the comparison of ConnectedText with Tinderbox, because a few years ago I suggested that ConnectedText was Tinderbox for Windows:


      Things have changed, especially with Tinderbox, since then, but I still think the two apps have a lot in common. The obviously big difference is you can’t run Tinderbox on Windows. So if you’re locked into one operating system, the choice between the two is already made for you, unless you want to run a Windows virtual machine on your Mac. But getting back to your main question, of the two, I think ConnectedText is probably the better choice as an overall note management application. I’d say that if you’re more into the “text”, then go with CT. To me, Tbx is more about tinkering with your information and making sense of it. I wouldn’t keep all my notes in it. Where I think you could do that with CT, especially since you can do cross-database searches.

      Still, it is really a personal choice.

      For more on CT, check out Dr Andus’s Toolbox: https://drandus.wordpress.com

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