iThoughts – an excellent mind-mapper and planner

This is a quick shout out for an application I’ve come to admire a lot. It’s iThoughts from toketaWare, which is essentially a one-man show. The application first came to my attention as an excellent iPad application. Soon it was also available for macOS. And just recently a Windows version was unveiled. Save your maps to Dropbox and you can open them on any of those three platforms.

iThoughts isn’t a competitor for full-featured mind mappers, of which there are many. And there are other good cross-platform choices, including SimpleMind. But I like iThoughts best. It fits right in my sweet spot: powerful enough but it doesn’t overwhelm me with features.

The video below demonstrates one of the thoughtful new features, which I admire:


The developer, Craig Scott, has really built a wonderful cross-platform application and I just wanted to acknowledge that. Check out iThoughts if you’re looking for a lighter-weight, but highly functional mind-mapper.

3 thoughts on “iThoughts – an excellent mind-mapper and planner

  1. Thanks for this Steve. Cross-platform is less important for me: I’ve been a MindNode person for some time now, but I do like iThoughts design and overall UI, so I shall re-assess it.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Hugh. Always glad to hear from you. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of iThoughts after a second look. Thanks!

  2. Steve, thanks for the writeup on iThoughts and for what I hope will be your never-ending series of Tinderbox lessons. I started with iThoughts years ago – there’s a great SCO episode on it, by the way, and now use it for more complex things and MindNode for simple quick things. Not sure about what a “full-featured” mind-mapper does that iThoughts can’t. It seems quite powerful to me. Curious about what more there is in this direction – other than some new products that seem to have a comment mode for group projects. Best wishes.,

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