Update about the future of MacJournal (good news?)

Thanks to the eagle eye of one of my fellow passengers aboard the S.S. OutlinerSoftware.com, I was just alerted to the fact that Mariner Software is no longer distributing MacJournal. The rights to the fantastic journaling app have reverted to Dan Schimpf, the software’s originator and (to my knowledge) sole developer.

Read more about the move here.

I would like to think this is good news for the software, which languished over the past few years. Dan is working on an update, as I mentioned in my recent revew of MacJournal. I hope this means he has renewed interested in continuing to improve an already great app. (I do hope Dan updates his website!)

One thought on “Update about the future of MacJournal (good news?)

  1. I am very pleased the author has decided to continue to improve MacJournal. It’s one of my favorite apps. Dan, if you need a tester contact me.

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