Integrating Trello with Todoist

I work for a nonprofit publisher. Among my responsibilities is getting our books printed or reprinted. I have found that Trello is a great way to manage the flow of these tasks on a project by project basis. But I use Todoist for managing my other tasks. I was double-entering my printing tasks (Trello for all the details, Todoist for the reminders), but that wasn’t very efficient.

Enter Pleexy, an app that integrates Trello with Todoist. Here is how the developers describe Pleexy:

Pleexy boosts your personal productivity by channeling tasks from your email, note taking, collaboration, mind mapping and tracking apps into your Todoist or Wunderlist. Just set up a connection between the supported application and your task manager and Pleexy will make sure your tasks stay up-to-date in both places!

With Pleexy, it was very easy to set up my Print Management board in Trello with my Printing project in Todoist. Each card in Trello is turned into a task in Todoist; Trello card checklists are turned into sub-tasks in Todoist. Checking off a task in Todoist checks it off in Trello.

When you first set this up in Pleexy, you have a lot of options for what gets sync’d between the two apps, and how the syncing works. The default is to have all the cards on all your Trello boards sync to your Todoist Inbox. That would have been overwhelming and counterproductive, so I just linked the Printing Management board to my Printing project. It would be nice to set up other board > project integrations, but it appears you can only have one Trello to Todoist link. (If I discover I’ve got this wrong, I’ll update this post.)

I’m just starting with this integration, but on first blush it seems to work very well.

You can read more about this (and other Todoist integrations) in this Todoist blog post.


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