MacJournal 7 now available — and for free

MacJournal is now being offered exclusively through the original developer, Dan Schimpf. He just announced that the release version of MacJournal 7 is available, and he’s offering it free of charge. Learn more here. (Thanks to Drewster on the forum for the notice about this.)


  1. Is Dan offering MacJournal through the App Store for iOS? I see what look like links to the Mariner product and don’t know if these will sync with the version he’s distributing. Don’t want to wind up with a one-platform app. The iOS apps are $1.99 each, which is not an issue for me. Just don’t want to invest in something that won’t work with its equivalents. The link to contact Dan through his app is dead, so I’m kinda high and dry on that one.
    Hope all is well with you.

    1. Because I’m waiting for Dan to fix an issue with the editor in version 7, I haven’t switched to that version yet. So I haven’t tried syncing between the iOS app and version 7 at this point.

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