The App Store’s Regression

I had to resist titling this post “The Crap Store,” because I hate the Mac App Store. I never was a big fan, but it has mostly gotten worse. For example, I read one of their so-called articles about the app BBEdit, now this is what I see when I open the App Store:

Two or three OS iterations ago I could switch to my favorite category, Productivity, and sort by release date to browse all the new productivity apps. Can’t do that any more. Here’s what the “Productivity” category looks like today:

I want to be able to find new apps, not the same list of Top Paid or Top Free apps. I’m not a fucking sheep that wants to follow the herd. Give me green grass!

It’s almost like Apple wants to stifle innovation… or more likely force developers to pay them for prominent position in the store.

So, whenever it is an option, I’ve started to buy directly from the developer instead of going through the App Store, which is probably what most enlightened users have been doing all along.

3 thoughts on “The App Store’s Regression

  1. Maybe not gone, but just very well hidden, and in a very non-intuitive way. Do a search on the word Productivity. Click on filter to the top right and select ‘sort by date.” Or search for anything and select both Productivity for a category and By Date under sort by. I feel your pain, and also prefer buying directly from the developer when possible.

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