Quick and easy Dynalist to Tinderbox export

One of the limitations of Tinderbox is that it is only accessible from your MacOS device. If, like me, you spend most of your work day on a Windows PC, it can mean leaving Tinderbox out of your “workflow.” But there is a quick and easy way to make notes on a PC (or almost any device with a browser), and then import them into Tinderbox.

One of the export options in Dynalist is OPML, so that’s what we’ll use:

  1. Create your Dynalist outline. Use whatever hierarchy structure you choose. You can even add notes to each bullet item.
  2. Open the export dialog. Choose the OPML option.
  3. Select and copy the text.
  4. Open the Tinderbox file you want to add your notes to, and paste it.

This video demonstrates the simple process:

Dynalist to Tinderbox from Stephen Zeoli on Vimeo.

It’s far from rocket science, but can be a handy way to connect what you do in Dynalist with your work in Tinderbox. I haven’t tried going from Tinderbox to Dynalist, but something tells me it isn’t quite as simple.

This same process works in Workflowy, and I imagine any app that can export to an OPML file.

For more Tinderbox tips, see here.

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