Hyperbolic View in Tinderbox 8

The new Hyperbolic View adds a great new dimension to viewing your notes in Tinderbox 8. (Please note, this document of Zombie Entertainment is not intended as a comprehensive analysis of the genre. It is for demonstration purposes only.)

One of the featured new additions to Tinderbox 8 is something called Hyperbolic View. I had no idea what this was or how to use it. But there is a nice, short introduction to Hyperbolic View in the Tinderbox Help file. Here is a screen capture demonstration of how it works:


There are a few things to be aware of. As the Help File states:

The hyperbolic view (View Hyperbolic) shows notes that are linked to or from a specific note — the focus note. The initial focus note is the selected note when the view was activated.

So you need to have links among your notes for Hyperbolic View to do anything. AND you need to have a note selected when you switch to HV, otherwise you’ll get a befuddling single diagram block with the name of your Tinderbox document and nothing else.

Also, HV seems to have a little problem making the link between the Focused Note and the first one to the left. You can see it come and go as I alter the settings for HV in the demonstration screencast.

Hyperbolic View keeps the central notes enlarged, and shrinks the notes on the edges. As you scroll around in the view and when you change the Focused Note, Tinderbox alters the way the rest of the diagram blocks look.

This is the Map View of the Zombie Entertainment document shown in Hyperbolic View in the top screen capture.

What it also does is flatten the hierarchy. In the Map View of this demonstration, I have a container called “Remakes.” There are two notes in there which have a link coming from George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.” In the Hyperbolic View, those notes are yanked from the cozy container and displayed with all the other linked notes in the document.

I think it is evident that the more complex the network of notes in your document, the more valuable Hyperbolic View will be.

Update: There is a control in the control bar above the Hyperbolic View window called “Highlight.” Click on it and you will see a list of Link types (both the ones that are pre-installed and any that you’ve created). I expected that selecting one of the link types would highlight those links. However, nothing seems to actually happen when I select a link type, except the diagram changes sizes, but to no useful effect that I can see. Perhaps I’m missing something, or perhaps this a partially baked feature.

5 thoughts on “Hyperbolic View in Tinderbox 8

    1. Yes. You just drag from the note which you want the link to flow from. Let go the mouse button in an empty space and a new note is created.

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