New Tinderbox 8 feature: Filtered Outlines

Outline View in Tinderbox.

I recently provided a demonstration of the new Hyperbolic View in Tinderbox 8. In this post I want to take a quick look at another new version 8 feature called Filtered Outlines.

From the Tinderbox Help File:

Outlines may be filtered, allowing you to see only those notes that meet a specified criterion. For example, you could show only notes created in the last month, or only notes that mention “Roosevelt”, or only notes that received a grade of A or A-. These notes and their ancestors will appear in the filtered outline; all other notes will be hidden.

It is a simple concept and very easy to implement. Using the same Zombie Entertainment document, I made this screencast of the process:


Of course you have to be in Outline View to use this feature. Just choose Use Filter from the View menu. In the Filter Tab, enter the expression you want to search for. In the screencast, I search for $Prototype==”$Proto:TV”.

Detail from a Tinderbox 8 outline showing the Filtered View tab.

When you invoke a filter only the notes that match the criteria (either themselves or because they are containers with notes that match the criteria) will remain on the screen. Dismiss the Filtered View tab to clear the filter and show all the notes again.

This isn’t unlike selected #Tags in an app like Dynalist, but because Tinderbox notes can have a multitude of attributes to filter on, this is potentially more powerful.

UPDATE: A reader, Paul, who had trouble getting into the comments area, left this comment on the forum:

Nice post, Steve. Thank you. You might want to mention the second half of the filtered view feature: if you click the gear icon to the right of the filter parameter box you can save the filter. Saving is local to the document you are working on. In a different outline tab, or the same, you can then click the gear again and use a saved filter.

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