Creating a new note from Hyperbolic View in Tinderbox 8

After reading my first posting about Tinderbox 8’s Hyperbolic View, someone asked if you can create a new note within that view. The answer is, “Yes you can.”


As the screencast above shows, you just drag from the existing note you want to link from to an empty spot on the screen and let go of the mouse button. A dialog box opens in which you can provide a name for the new note. And presto: new note.

Being Tinderbox, this isn’t without a little squirrelly drama. First of all, as you drag from the existing note (as you can see in the screencast) a link line appears leading from nowhere. Ignore that or just see it as an indicator the process is working. After creating your new note and switching back to Map View you might be horrified at first to find that all your links have disappeared (again, as you can see in the screencast). But don’t worry. The links are still there. Just select a different note and all the links reappear. (I am using Tinderbox 8.0, so it is possible that these glitches will be erased in future releases.)

As far as I’ve been able to discern, you can’t add text or any other attributes to the new note in Hyperbolic View.

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