Using Milanote to plan and record a meeting

Planning and recording a meeting is a great application for Milanote.

Back in November I wrote about a cloud-based planner called Milanote. I continue to use this app for various purposes, but one I especially like is for planning, recording and reporting on meetings.

With Milanote I create a white board for my meeting. Then I add figures to handle the various planning and recording functions I need. So the skeletal structure of the meeting might look like the following screen capture:

A basic meeting outline.

I can export this basic agenda as a Word document or PDF and send it out to the attendees before the meeting (imagine something more complex than the simple meeting above). (Also, remember I am a solo user of Milanote. You can also share your boards with other Milanote subscribers.)

Then as the meeting is running, I can drag figure elements into the whiteboard as needed to record what is happening. See the screencast below:


When the meeting is over, I can export my notes to a Word document or PDF to distribute to the team. Here is the PDF of those Meeting Notes.

Note: To get the best results when exporting to Word or PDF, remember that Milanote chooses the order of the export going left to right and then down the board. So the top left figure is collated first and the bottom right figure is collated last.

Of course it is possible to do much the same in many different kinds of applications, especially outliners like Dynalist. What I like about using Milanote is that it presents a clean visual overview of the meeting, but provides ample tools for recording what takes place. Additionally, it is flexible. Below is a screen capture of an alternative way to organize the notes of the meeting:

Another optional way to manage your meeting notes using Milanote. (I also added a touch of color so you know you have that option too.)


Milanote costs $120 per year, so you would not choose it solely to take minute notes. But I’ve found the app to be very useful for all kinds of solutions (tracking book development for our nonprofit press, for example). There is a free version, which allows you to create 100 figures, more than enough to manage a few meetings, if you want to give it a try. Learn more here.

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