Diarly Update

I have written before about a journaling application called Diarly (first here, then here). I really like how simple it is. I just find that it invites writing. It lacks a lot of the whistles and bells of an app like DayOne, but that’s a good thing, in my opinion.

With some recent releases, the developer (PureForm Studio) has added some very nice features. They aren’t revolutionary, by any means, but they can be exceedingly useful — and necessary even. Two of these are built-in filters that allow you to sift your entries in a given journal for 1. those with uncompleted tasks listed, and 2. past entries made on the current date. The other feature is typewriter mode, which takes your cursor off the bottom of the screen (when working on texts long enough to reach that far) and moves it to the center of the screen.

I’ve created a three-minute screencast that demonstrates these features. (Alert: I’m not at my most eloquent in this recording.)


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