Tags in Notetaker 4

Tags in Notetaker 4 are inserted in a meta data column.

Back in September, I wrote a review of Notetaker 4. My impression was positive overall, but I had a few reservations. One of these was that I couldn’t figure out how the tag function worked. A second was I thought you could not create stand alone ToDos within your outlines. When a reader recently commented that he couldn’t figure out the tags function either, I decided to reach out to Notetaker’s developer, Scott Love of Aquaminds. We had a very nice email exchange, wherein he gave me the following information about tags:

Any outline entry on a notebook page (not a section page) can be assigned a tag.  Some tags are automatically assigned such as “Web Page” whenever a URL or link is present in an entry.  Tags are indexed in their own section and can be accessed within the Index section for quick lookup.  Additionally, your tags can be used in combination with the Highlight & Summarize command (Advanced menu) to create more powerful, more relevant searches.   For example, you might be using specific tags for names of projects or important milestones.  

With the Toolbar visible, click on the Column button to pull-down a column setting to view.  Select the Tag choice for any of the three columns as you like.  To change or assign an entry’s tag, ctrl-click on the visible column to display the contextual menu.  

Pre-created or system tags can be viewed and assigned or you can create your own tags using the Tools panel.  The Tags… command from the Insert menu will also open the Tools panel for selecting and editing existing tags and obviously for adding your own tags.

I decided to translate this into a video to help people understand the concepts.

Creating and using tags in Notetaker 4

As you can see in the video, I also found out how to create stand alone ToDos.

One thought on “Tags in Notetaker 4

  1. Thanks very much for this! The video was especially helpful. I really appreciate this. I’m now ready to dive into NoteTaker 4. Great blog.

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