Does Craft bring new magic to writing?

I’ve been reading some nice things about a new writing application called Craft. Of course I had to get my hands on it to see what was what. Craft is for Mac and iOS. It cost $45 a year for a subscription.

Rather than post my article here, I decided to use one of Craft’s finest features: It’s ability to post your documents for public viewing. Click the link below to access the article:

Spoiler alert!

The bottom line is that I like Craft even though I am unsure just how useful it will be to me. The combination of features is unique as far as I’m aware, and I want to find out what the developer has up his sleeve in future releases.

2 thoughts on “Does Craft bring new magic to writing?

  1. I think that Craft (and Roam and Obsidian) are not quite as much writing tools as thinking tools. In Obsidian I use the links (nested pages in Craft) to link between ideas that have commonalities. Maybe an idea on LGBTQ+ rights matches up with an idea on racism, so I link the ideas together.

    I’m mostly interested in Craft at this point because it’s got a native iPad app and Obsidian doesn’t.

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