Linking in Craft

This is an addendum to my initial look at the wordprocessor/note-taker Craft.

When I wrote my that review, I missed one of Craft’s strongest features, its ability to link, not just to subpages, but also to any of your Craft documents.

Let’s take a look.

To add a link to another document, you just have to type an “@“ sign, then start typing the name of the document you want. It looks like this:

To link to another document in Craft, just type a @ sign and beging typing the name of the document in question.

That gives me a link that looks like this:

Does Craft bring new magic to writing? (Note: This is a dummy link just to show how it would work.)

And over on that page, a new backlink reference is created, as so:

When you link to one document from another in Craft, a backlink reference automatically is created.

Note that if you post these documents online for viewing, the original link doesn’t work and there is no backlink created in the referred to page.

On the whole, this process isn’t nearly as elegant as in Roam or Obsidian (or NotePlan, for that matter), but it does appear to be effective for local linking.

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