Even Aaron Burr would find the Republicans out of control

It should be no secret (although thanks to our mealy-mouthed media it still seems to be) that Republicans have used the filibuster to wreck havoc on the democratic process. According to this article by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, it turns out the filibuster is an accidental side effect of a senate rule change … Continue reading Even Aaron Burr would find the Republicans out of control

Republican Party operative reveals all

Via James Fallows, I just read a remarkable essay by Mike Lofgren, a 30-year veteran GOP staffer who finally had enough of the new Republican party bullshit. Anyone who cares about the United States needs to read this article. Sadly, it confirms every one of my concerns about Republicans, only in spades! It should have … Continue reading Republican Party operative reveals all

It’s okay to laugh in their faces

Republicans have consistently voted down or blocked measures that would protect the environment, citing the damage that would be done to the economy if such measures were passed. For example, Republicans voted NO in June of 2009 on a bill that would have amended the Clean Air Act to help enforcement of limits on CO2 … Continue reading It’s okay to laugh in their faces

Film view: The Social Network

Amy and I watched The Social Network over the weekend. As critics have noted, this is a surprisingly captivating film given its subject. If you don't know, it's the story of how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, becoming the youngest billionaire in the process. It's also about how he may have cheated his best friend and … Continue reading Film view: The Social Network

Every totalitarian regime needs a “Republican” party

[see update at the end of the post] I have only marginally been keeping my eye on the unfolding drama in Wisconsin, where the Tea Party Republican governor, Scott Walker, is attempting to strip state workers of the right to collective bargain. Just when you think Republicans* can't possibly sink any lower, someone puts them … Continue reading Every totalitarian regime needs a “Republican” party

Inside Job. Must see viewing… Really!

I just finished watching Charles Ferguson's documentary about the financial crisis of 2008, "Inside Job." It is an outstanding piece of journalism, which I urge everyone to see, no matter which end of the political spectrum you may reside upon. The movie makes it clear the danger began with deregulation of the financial industry that … Continue reading Inside Job. Must see viewing… Really!

Is this guy a prankster or just a real yo-yo?

Since George Bush left office, I haven't focussed much on politics in this blog. It's not that there isn't a lot to write about -- I mean, President Obama hasn't exactly been a liberal's delight -- but I'm tired of it all and if the Democrats who control the White House and both houses of … Continue reading Is this guy a prankster or just a real yo-yo?

Surprise, surprise!

Anyone surprised by the outcome of this story? Never, never, ever trust a corporation. The people who run them are lying, scheming, back-stabbers... that's how they got to be powerful in the first place. They have no loyalty, and not one fiber of morality. No one running any large company is trustworthy. Period. End of discussion. Case … Continue reading Surprise, surprise!