Of bat flips and trump

For the past 24 hours, the baseball media has been in a whirl about Goose Gossage’s comments about demonstrative celebrations in baseball. The Hall-of-Fame closer for the Yankees called Jose Bautista a “fucking disgrace” for flipping his bat after hitting a decisive home run in last year’s playoffs. Gossage also took exception to the celebratory … Continue reading Of bat flips and trump

Apple maybe not the evil empire after all

Sometimes it feels like Apple behaves a lot like the antagonist in its ground-breaking 1984 commercial that introduced the Mac, playing Big Brother over how its products are used. But I feel good in supporting Apple with my hardware purchases after seeing this article about how Apple CEO Tim Cook rejected push back from a … Continue reading Apple maybe not the evil empire after all

Some thoughts about the marathon bombings

It was just one week ago that the Tsarnaev brothers savaged the Boston Marathon with that most cowardly of dastardly acts: an anonymous bombing. Much has happened in the intervening seven days, a lot of which is actually good (that being the way the country came together to support Boston, the way Bostonians rejected the notion that … Continue reading Some thoughts about the marathon bombings

Dems fightin’ words (or not)

Dear President Obama, Some time ago I had vowed that I would not vote for you, even though I personally like you. My reasons closely parallel those of Conor Friedersdorf.* But Robert Wright's response to Friedersdorf convinced me to change my mind. After your lackluster performance in the debate this week, I am on the … Continue reading Dems fightin’ words (or not)

The myth of Mitt Romney, continued

An article in the latest edition of Rolling Stone burst another Romney bubble. It shows that, rather than being a financial wizard for getting Bain & Company through hard times in the early 1990s, he was actually more a wizard of working the system and getting big chunks of bailout money from the American people. … Continue reading The myth of Mitt Romney, continued