A closer look at Organizedly

Organizedly is a notes/tasks/projects manager. Updated: January 19, 2022 Second update: February 1, 2022 Anyone reading this doesn't need me to tell them there is a growing plethora of applications that combine note-taking with task and project management. I've tried most of these, including: Roam ResearchObsidianAmplenoteCloverReflect And others. One of the applications that I like … Continue reading A closer look at Organizedly

Milanote – smart exporting

I've written about Milanote before. It's a nice project planning site using nested boards to gather all kinds of related material. One of its more clever features, one that isn't obvious or even much promoted, is its smart execution of exporting. I've mentioned this before, but think it is worth repeating. Take this example board: … Continue reading Milanote – smart exporting

Using Notebooks as a daily journal

Notebooks allows you to organize your notes and journal by "notebook" (left panel). Your entries appear in the notes list (central panel). And the content of the selected note appears in the editor (right panel). In this screen shot the editor is in edit mode. Notebooks by Alfons Schmidt has been around for over 10 … Continue reading Using Notebooks as a daily journal

Is Tinderbox worth the expense?

A thread on the outlinersoftware.com forum started out as just an announcement that Tinderbox 8 had been released, but turned into a discussion (in part) about whether or not Tinderbox is worth the investment of money and time. Someone wrote the following: Tinderbox is too expensive. It looks useful and complex but it is too expensive for … Continue reading Is Tinderbox worth the expense?

Using Milanote to plan and record a meeting

Back in November I wrote about a cloud-based planner called Milanote. I continue to use this app for various purposes, but one I especially like is for planning, recording and reporting on meetings. With Milanote I create a white board for my meeting. Then I add figures to handle the various planning and recording functions … Continue reading Using Milanote to plan and record a meeting