Dynalist for Bullet Journaling

I mentioned in my overview article about Dynalist that I keep my digital bullet journal using the app. In this follow-up article, I will be discussing a few specifics about how and why I've chosen Dynalist for this purpose. Note: The Bullet Journal system was developed by Ryder Carroll. I believe it is a trademark … Continue reading Dynalist for Bullet Journaling

My new Bullet Journal caddy

I have recently recommitted myself to using a paper notebook for bullet journaling. For the past couple of years I've been using Dynalist, a nice web application for this purpose for maintining a bullet journal-like outline of my days. It works well, but I missed a paper journal for reasons I may get into in … Continue reading My new Bullet Journal caddy

New video about NotePlan as a digital bullet journal

I've put together a new screencast video, but this time I'm talking about a day planner/organizer called NotePlan. This isn't the most comprehendible video ever made, but hopefully I've demonstrated how NotePlan works and how it might be used as a digital bullet journal. As I publish this, NotePlan is only available on MacOS, but … Continue reading New video about NotePlan as a digital bullet journal

Bullet Journaling with Tinderbox

I've written recently about my efforts to incorporate bullet journaling into my note-taking system. You can read about this hereĀ and here. As I mentioned in my second post, I am finding the paper notebook fun, handy and effective, more so than I expected. Many notes can live inside the notebook, without being transferred to other … Continue reading Bullet Journaling with Tinderbox