Outlining in ConnectedText

This is the long-awaited review of the outliner in ConnectedText. I'm not going to actually make this part of the OneNote Smackdown, because it has been too long since I was in that mind frame and I can't reproduce it well enough to do an accurate comparison.┬áBut outlining in CT is interesting because there are … Continue reading Outlining in ConnectedText

ConnectedText does the work for you (or a lot of it anyway)

In my previous post about ConnectedText, I compared it to Tinderbox in the way that it requires the user to bring his or her own vision to the process. What I mean by this is that neither application forces any kind of structure or process to your information management. In each program, you have to … Continue reading ConnectedText does the work for you (or a lot of it anyway)

Some thoughts on TheBrain

I've written a few times about PersonalBrain, an information management application from TheBrain Technologies. The most recent version of PersonalBrain is 6.5, but the company is very close to releasing version 7, and this represents kind of a new chapter in the application's development. Version 7 is still a stand alone desktop application, but it … Continue reading Some thoughts on TheBrain