Diarly Redux

Last fall I wrote about a journaling app called Diarly. The developer has continued to add regular, incremental improvements and refinements. The most significant, I think, is that you can now export to PDF. You still can’t print from Diarly, but since you can export an entire journal or individual entries as PDF files, you can … Continue reading Diarly Redux

MacJournal concatenated text demonstration

https://youtu.be/cuTAFvXei8g As a follow-up to my recent review of MacJournal, I wanted to show another nice feature of the writing application. You can select individual entries (use the Command Key to select them, or the Shift Key to select a block of entries) and view them one after the other in the editor window. The … Continue reading MacJournal concatenated text demonstration

Diarly — an excellent markdown journal

Diarly is a journaling app that uses markdown to format its entries. Released earlier this year, the initial version was attractive but felt far from complete. Steady improvements since then have turned Diarly into a more realistic option for taking daily notes. With the recent addition of an iOS companion app, Diarly takes a big … Continue reading Diarly — an excellent markdown journal