MacJournal 7 now available — and for free

MacJournal is now being offered exclusively through the original developer, Dan Schimpf. He just announced that the release version of MacJournal 7 is available, and he's offering it free of charge. Learn more here. (Thanks to Drewster on the forum for the notice about this.)

Update about the future of MacJournal (good news?)

Thanks to the eagle eye of one of my fellow passengers aboard the S.S., I was just alerted to the fact that Mariner Software is no longer distributing MacJournal. The rights to the fantastic journaling app have reverted to Dan Schimpf, the software's originator and (to my knowledge) sole developer. Read more about the … Continue reading Update about the future of MacJournal (good news?)

MacJournal concatenated text demonstration As a follow-up to my recent review of MacJournal, I wanted to show another nice feature of the writing application. You can select individual entries (use the Command Key to select them, or the Shift Key to select a block of entries) and view them one after the other in the editor window. The … Continue reading MacJournal concatenated text demonstration

MacJournal: Still the best notebook for MacOS

In this post, I want to discuss my reasons for returning to MacJournal as my number one notebook. When I first journeyed back to MacOS for my personal use about 11 years ago, I installed Scrivener, CircusPoinies Notebook and MacJournal almost immediately. I didn’t really appreciate MJ at the time, but it was touted as … Continue reading MacJournal: Still the best notebook for MacOS