Thoughts on the new Evernote

The new "Home" page in Evernote acts like a dashboard. I'm taking another look at Evernote, which has recently added three big features: Task supportGoogle Calendar integrationHome page/dashboard The left sidebar has been tuned up, so it isn't such a confused mess. As far as I can tell, these features have not been adapted to … Continue reading Thoughts on the new Evernote

Notejoy: My Evernote Replacement

I have been searching a long time for a suitable replacement for Evernote. My biggest gripe with Evernote is that it has an unintuitive user interface, and isn't consistent across platforms (although that is getting better). For me, Evernote has been a junk drawer, but not a place for writing notes… in fact, I can't … Continue reading Notejoy: My Evernote Replacement