Outlining in ConnectedText

This is the long-awaited review of the outliner in ConnectedText. I'm not going to actually make this part of the OneNote Smackdown, because it has been too long since I was in that mind frame and I can't reproduce it well enough to do an accurate comparison. But outlining in CT is interesting because there are … Continue reading Outlining in ConnectedText

OneNote Smack Down IV – Noteliner

Most of the “outliners” I’ve been reviewing in the Great OneNote Smack Down have been hybrid programs. That is, programs designed to do many things, among them the ability to create an outline. Noteliner is no exception. It may look the most like an outliner if there is such a thing as an outliner look, … Continue reading OneNote Smack Down IV – Noteliner

OneNote Smack Down II – Inspiration

Continuing my OneNote challenge, the next contender for the title of best outliner on the Windows platform is Inspiration. Inspiration — An empty boast or a promise fulfilled? Inspiration is a hybrid application. It started out life as a diagramming tool, then incorporated an outlining function. It has now added a mind-mapping feature. Its primary … Continue reading OneNote Smack Down II – Inspiration