Some thoughts on TheBrain

I've written a few times about PersonalBrain, an information management application from TheBrain Technologies. The most recent version of PersonalBrain is 6.5, but the company is very close to releasing version 7, and this represents kind of a new chapter in the application's development. Version 7 is still a stand alone desktop application, but it … Continue reading Some thoughts on TheBrain

PersonalBrain and the Commonplace Book

Maybe it is only due to my own growing interest in the topic, but it feels like I've been reading lately a lot more chatter about "Commonplace Books." Here's a classical definition of a commonplace book from wikipedia: "Commonplace" is a translation of the Latin term locus communis (from Greek tópos koinós, see literary topos) … Continue reading PersonalBrain and the Commonplace Book

Tinderbox vs. PersonalBrain. Grudge match or play nice?

Tinderbox and PersonalBrain. Two relatively costly applications that do similar things. Why on earth would anyone need both? Forget for a moment that I’m basically crazy and have an illness we call Compulsive Reactive Information Manager Purchasing (or CRIMP for short) at outlinersoftware web site. These two applications are actually more complementary than they might … Continue reading Tinderbox vs. PersonalBrain. Grudge match or play nice?