TheBrain 12. Game changer?

I used to use TheBrain as my primary data organizer. It worked well on my Windows computer (which is my office machine) because I could drag emails right into the Plex from Outlook to remind myself to deal with them, or so I'd be able to reference the information in the messages in the context … Continue reading TheBrain 12. Game changer?

The Climate Web – super WebBrain site

One of my commenters, Mark, referred to a WebBrain site¬†that he has been working on called The Climate Web,¬†built using TheBrain. A note of explanation is perhaps in order. You can buy a stand alone license for TheBrain and use it on one computer (Mac or Windows: it is cross platform). But you can also … Continue reading The Climate Web – super WebBrain site

Some thoughts on TheBrain

I've written a few times about PersonalBrain, an information management application from TheBrain Technologies. The most recent version of PersonalBrain is 6.5, but the company is very close to releasing version 7, and this represents kind of a new chapter in the application's development. Version 7 is still a stand alone desktop application, but it … Continue reading Some thoughts on TheBrain