Quick Tinderbox 6 highlight – Chart View

I have not been able to write about Tinderbox 6 primarily because I have not had the time to really immerse myself in the upgrade to feel comfortable with a long or detailed discussion. However, there is one new feature that caught my attention, and about which I am very intrigued. The new Chart View … Continue reading Quick Tinderbox 6 highlight – Chart View

Tinderbox 6 now available

Got an e-mail announcement today from Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems announcing the availability of version 6 of Tinderbox: Tinderbox Six is the largest and most significant update, ever. Each facet of the program has been re-imagined and re-implemented: text is gorgeous, maps are beautiful, outlines are buttery smooth, and agents never make you wait … Continue reading Tinderbox 6 now available

Bullet Journaling with Tinderbox

I've written recently about my efforts to incorporate bullet journaling into my note-taking system. You can read about this here and here. As I mentioned in my second post, I am finding the paper notebook fun, handy and effective, more so than I expected. Many notes can live inside the notebook, without being transferred to other … Continue reading Bullet Journaling with Tinderbox

Tinderbox, Scrivener and more on sale!

If you've been intrigued by Tinderbox, but thought the price was a wee bit high, you might be interested in knowing about the "Summerfest" sale, where you can get Tinderbox for $143 -- more than $100 off the regular price.  Summerfest is a promotion among several "artisanal" software producers: Tinderbox: Visualize and organize your notes, … Continue reading Tinderbox, Scrivener and more on sale!

Tinderbox Chronicles, part 6a – day book followup

Last November I posted an article about using Tinderbox as a day book. I haven't been completely diligent about using the day book, mostly because I'm a tinkerer and continually try new methods and software. However, in recent weeks I've been using my day book more and more, so it feels like the right time for … Continue reading Tinderbox Chronicles, part 6a – day book followup

ConnectedText does the work for you (or a lot of it anyway)

In my previous post about ConnectedText, I compared it to Tinderbox in the way that it requires the user to bring his or her own vision to the process. What I mean by this is that neither application forces any kind of structure or process to your information management. In each program, you have to … Continue reading ConnectedText does the work for you (or a lot of it anyway)