Typora renders beautiful documents

Typora produces the most elegant documents of any of the plain text editors I’ve looked at. It uses markdown, but the markdown disappears when its work is done and leaves just the formatting. So there is no switching between edit and view modes. Watch my quick video demonstration:

Typora markdown demonstration from Stephen Zeoli on Vimeo.

There were many other features I could have demonstrated in the screencast, but I mostly want to show the nearly seamless transition from formatting to rendering without changing modes. I should say that the formatting returns to view when you put your cursor over the words being formatted, so you can edit them.

Things to like about Typora

  • Beautiful rendering of markdown documents
  • Outline view, accessible two ways (see screencast)
  • Numerous export format options
  • Stylish theme options (see screencast)
  • Typewriter mode (the screencast was done in typewriter mode)
  • Document statistics (see screencast)
  • Documents are saved as markdown files in the folders you designate
  • Versions for Windows and MacOS (not iOS)

Things to like less about Typora

  • No tagging. This isn’t surprising since Typora is about creating lovely documents, and is not a notes or information manager.

The verdict

Typora may be the best choice for building elegant documents. It isn’t just the outcome which is so fine, but also the experience of writing and formatting that writing that is a pleasure. It isn’t a great choice as a note manager.

Right now Typora is free because it is still in Beta — though it feels like a more ready for prime time app than some of the other markdown editors I’ve looked at. I don’t know what the fee will be when it is out of Beta.