Indicted by one of their own

Per the great James Fallows, I just read this interview with former GM executive and political conservative, Bob Lutz:

As a conservative myself politically, it annoys me no end to see deliberate lying and misinformation coming out [from the right wing] where they will trash an outstanding American product and do damage to American employment just to get at Obama. That’s just plain unethical.

Lutz is referring to the right’s deliberate mis-information program to discredit Chevy’s electric car, the Volt, stating the car is a hazard and a failure, and falsely stating that the car resulted from programs enacted by President Obama. Lutz points out how their extremism is just a form of hypocrisy:

And these people are supposed to be for American jobs? They did such reputational damage to the Volt that the demand dipped to a very low level. So GM did the right thing, which was to idle production for 5 weeks and lay off workers. So here are these right-wing pundits who are always talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. Actually through their irresponsible reporting on the Chevrolet Volt they managed to put American workers out of their jobs for five weeks! It annoys me to no end.

Read Fallows’ post for how this all relates to the media’s willingness to print what politicians and activists say without any filter of what the truth might actually be.

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