I’ve written several times about an amazing, but sometimes baffling software application for handling notes called Tinderbox. This seems to be the main reason people visit this site, so to make it a little easier for you to find those posts, I am creating this page with links to each post in chronologic order:

Tinderbox Chronicles, part 1

part 2

Tinderbox Chronicles, interlude

part 3

part 4

part 5

Tinderbox vs. PersonalBrain

Excellent Tinderbox Tutorial

Tinderbox Redux

Why I find Tinderbox irreplaceable

Tinderbox review at Mac Appstorm

Planning your day with Tinderbox

Tinderbox Chronicles, part 6 – creating a day book

Tinderbox Chronicles, part 6a – day book followup

Nice tutorials for Tinderbox

Bullet Journaling with Tinderbox

Tinderbox 6 is now available

Quick Tinderbox 6 highlight – Chart View

Great resource for getting the hang of Tinderbox

Quick Tinderbox 6 hightlight – Adornment Tables

Outlining with Tinderbox 6 (6.2 to be precise)

Workflowy and Tinderbox


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