Tinderbox update available

From Mark Bernstein, developer of Tinderbox:

Tinderbox 6.1.3 includes a brand-new Help menu item, Getting Started With Tinderbox, which provides a detailed walkthrough for new Tinderbox users. The walkthrough explore outlines, maps, the new Attribute Browser, agents, and lots more, all in the context of an actual Tinderbox task.  There’s also a new Badge Picker, hundreds of new badges, and lots of additional polish.

One thought on “Tinderbox update available

  1. Hi Steve –
    I know that you’ve left your ideas about The Brain and about TB on this site. Mark B just posted a new blog post pointing back to Jim Fallows’s Atlantic web site article praising TB and also noting that he uses The Brain. I’ve written to him suggesting that he share his work flow involving these apps but I wonder if you have some ways in which you use the one versus the other.


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