My first Tinderbox video tutorial

Huzzah! After thinking about this a long time, I’ve finally made my first Tinderbox Tutorial. As you’ll see, it is a little rough around the edges as I get used to the features of Screenflow. And I’m no James Earle Jones with the voice over. But I hope this video can help novice Tinderbox users and those thinking about becoming novice Tinderbox users get a sense of the very basics of the program. I hope to be adding more videos in the future, ones more polished and which expose more of Tinderbox’s great features.

UPDATE: The first version of this video had some editing errors in it. I’ve fixed those.

Introduction to Tinderbox 6 from Stephen Zeoli on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “My first Tinderbox video tutorial

  1. Thanks, Steve. That was very interesting even without the James Earl Jones dramatics. The complexity of Tinderbox is one of the two thinks that holds me back from getting into it and your video certainly helps with that.

    The other issue is accesssing Tinderbox documents from my iPad. I am loathe to invest in products that don’t work cross-platform. How do you deal with that?

    1. I appreciate the comments, Warwick. I agree that one of the possible limitations of Tinderbox as a primary note manager is the lack of direct connection with iOS devices. TB does have a way to share notes with SimpleNote, which I hope to explore in a future video.

    2. I realized after sending my first reply that I didn’t really answer your question about “how I deal with” the fact that Tinderbox isn’t cross platform. First of all, I don’t consider or use Tinderbox as my junk drawer for notes… I use Evernote for that mostly. So, if I need to save a phone number or a receipt, that goes in Evernote (though I’m looking for an alternative to that — maybe OneNote). Tinderbox is more of a project-specific workspace for me. In one of my posts, I say that it is the app I use when I need to play chess with my information. What I mean by that is that when I have to suss out knowledge from accumulated data, I often turn to Tinderbox. One of the examples I’ve used is maintaining a database of a series of books I collect. I wrote about this in two previous posts (note that I was using an earlier version of Tinderbox for this example):

      So I had a very specific need and outcome when creating that Tinderbox document.

      I also use Tinderbox when I’m in a meeting to quickly collect notes from the meeting. Those notes can easily be exported to another app for final storage… I wouldn’t keep them in Tinderbox.

      Tinderbox is also great for planning projects, plotting stories or articles, etc… And, as I mentioned in my previous response, I can get info into Tinderbox from my iPad or iPhone via SimpleNote synchronization.

      Also, the web app Workflowy is a handy way to get information into Tinderbox. See this post:

      The only problem with Workflowy is that its iOS app is abysmal.

      I hope that answers your question a bit better.

  2. Great video. Thanks. Been using Tinderbox for a while but still feel like a newbie. I’ve got so much reading to do for my job (an academic) that it’s hard for me to carve out time to read about Tinderbox.

    Looking forward to some videos that are for those of us who have a little more experience with Tinderbox. One thing I’m struggling with a bit now is how to arrange my notes in map view. I’m still searching for some visual arrangement that adds more to my understanding of the relationship of notes/ideas…

    1. Thank you, Michael. I think the next few video topics will be:

      – Agents
      – Map view in more detail (I will try to answer the question you’re struggling with)
      – Outline view in more detail

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