Some corrections regarding Notebooks

This is just a quick post to correct a few misperception I had about Notebooks when I previously wrote about the app.

I corresponded with Alfons Schmidt, the primary developer of Notebooks. He read my original post and sent me a few corrections (I’ve already posted them to the original article):

– in Notebooks you *can* search all books at once; while the default is the hierarchy below the current book, you can check the box “search all books” to expand the search scope.

– what may be surprising in this context: as you start typing in the search field, you actually filter the currently displayed list; when you type return you trigger a search. That is the moment when the above mentioned box appears.

– Live preview of rendered Markdown is available in Notebooks as well: you can open the (same) document in a separate window; while you edit the text in one window, the rendered Markdown will update in the other. So users are not “forced” to use the preview, but they can if they want đŸ˜‰

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